Best Motherboards for Ryzen 7 3700x In 2021

AMD Ryzen 7 3700X.jpg

AMD Ryzen is microprocessor with immense efficiency of third span of time which is based on the AMD’s Zen developers. The CPU is most effectively featured for the gamers and for the people with potential tasks to perform on their PCs.  It contains the 8 centers and 16 filaments which is strong enough to support the games with sleek graphics like Star wars, GTA V, Battlefront and Call of duty series which only support when your processor is vigorous. The periodicity of the processor is from 3.6HZ to 4.4GHz on utmost supersonic. Ryzen 7 3700X also contains the astonishing TDP of 65W which is astounding. 

 AMD Ryzen performs beyond expectations in this extent of financial value. This is the reason for its exceptional popularity, particularly amid who love games. Moreover, such an effectual and mighty processor also craves for fabulous motherboard to give immense achievements.  The firmness of the computer depends on motherboard. It integrates the different apparatus to make the PC work with much productivity.

If you are seeking for the computer which contains AMD Ryzen 7 3700X and looking for the motherboards which are compatible with it at their utmost then you make land at the right place. From our personal survey we got some results for the most excellent motherboards for AMD Ryzen 7 3700X. We have examined their different features like RAM, BIOS, GPU, and processor sockets VRM quality and over clocking support and according your financial budget.

Variety in it with catchy features, depends on you selection.

Asus ROG Strix X570-E Motherboard:

ASUS ROG strix.jpg

Asus ROG Strix X570 is on the pinnacle in our data collection because it provides with remarkable features and efficacious constituents. This is the perfect motherboard if you are scouting for efficacy in operation, persistence, and for an artistic piece. First class VRM in it makes it adequate level of strong to drive Ryzen 7 3700X with perfection. The AMD’s Ryzen 7 3700X 

It’s automated power command and different power steps contribute enough power to command Ryzen 7 3700X with perfection. The Pro Cool II sockets constructed with undistorted features to confirm connection with entire PSU power line. The metal armor in it supply with plentiful heat escape.

It is also supplied with two folds of PCI-e 4.0 M.2 slots with backing up to type 2110. It also contains some measures like NVMe SSD RAID assistance which elevates the capabilities. It allows you to devise a RAID arrangement with PCI-e 4.0 cache tools to entertain yourself with increase data transmission with expedition on Ryzen 7 3700X. Armoury crate, new specialty software creates to carry an assembled command of ROG gaming feature. This application also permits you the RGB effects and lightings to modify for all supported devices and integrate them with Aura sync to get a pooled lighting system.

The latest WI-Fi 6(802.11ax) and 2.5G internet that upsurge connectedness, permits you to relish with amazing online gaming facilities. The utilized I/O shield has glossy flat black finish for elevated endurance. The pre-mounted feature makes the installation operation faster and easier. The extra slot assists with sharing support and powerful PCI-e device preservation.

The finest clock speed of 4.2 GHz at 1.36875V on this motherboard is due to arrangement of 12+4-phase VRM. To some extent it increases performance in multiple thread experience at low energy utilization. It contains high speed Wi-FI 6, dual Gigabit Ethernet ports for excellent online gaming. It has also featured a graphic chipset of 60Hz which is able to display 4096×2160.

Key Features:

  • The system remains due to Pro Cool II 
  • RGB coordination with Aura sync
  • Wi-Fi capacity 6(802.1ax)
  • Personalize lighting for compatible device
  •  Comfortable installation due to pre-mounted I/O shield feature.
  • Data transmission is even quicker due to dual PCI-e slots
  • Designing factor: ATX
  • AMD X570 chipset
  • Asus ROG
  • 2.49 pounds of weight
  • It has slot supporting DDR4
  • It has maximum speed of 3200MHZ
  • 288 pin DIMM of slot type
  • Support maximum 2 channels
  • 4 SATA3 makes PCI-e 4.0 faster
  • M-Key Slot
  • It has chip Realtek RT8125CG
  • It has Bluetooth version of 5.0
  • It supports 5GHz of Wi-Fi
  • It contains 4 USB 3rd generation 1 of A type and 3 USB 2nd generation 2 of C types
  • It contains 1 HDMI port


  • It is compatible for multi-GPUs
  • It supports AM4 Sockets
  • Arrangement of 12+4 VRM for quicker over clocking


  • There is no DDL or DTS connects in it
  • It has just 02 M.2 NVMe slots

ASUS PRIME 570-P.jpg

ASUS Prime X570-P:

ASUS Prime X570-P is intermediate level motherboard from series of ASUS prime. It contains 12+2 high quality VRM, which we can see in flagship motherboards such as ASUS Maximus formula. It also compatible with 128GB of RAM, which supports the over clock up to 4400 MHz with Ryzen 3000 series, which is around 1000 MHz greater than the earlier gen 470 motherboards.

It is compatible with crossfire but it does not compatible with multi GPU in SLI because one PCI-e 4.0 pathway receiving directly from motherboard’s chipset. Although it provides us with so many necessary programs but it still deficient in USB Type-C port. ASUS X570-P has also very catchy and exceptional design which is distinguished it from other motherboards from ASUS. It’s sleek design heat sink enveloping the power transfer section which enhances the release of heat during ultimate potential task and it also enhance the style.

However, it lacks in lots of features like pre-installed BT 5.0 and Wi-Fi but still motherboards offering necessary features that are admirable and make it best motherboard for Ryzen 7 3700X. For an instance, numerous ports in it like PCI-e 4.0 and the latest USB 3.2 Gen 2 (Type-A) ports makes it an excellent piece of choice for game lovers. Consequently, it sounds like an ideal motherboard for Ryzen 7 3700X within your estimated expenses.


  • Availability of two PCI-e 4.0 ports
  • Supplies active chipset heat sink fix
  • Inclusive control for fan and AIO pump


  • Unavailability of NVIDIA’s SLI assistance
  • No heat solution for M.2 PCI-e 4.0 device

Gigabyte X570 AORUS Elite Motherboard:

Gigabyte X570 AORUS Elite is one of the best motherboard for Ryzen 7 3700X without apprehension. Apart from support with Ryzen 7 3700X processor, it also durable and yield an amazing efficiency. It is loaded with plentiful of properties which contain USB type C ports, first class audio compatibility for PCI-e 4.0, and with quality speed of Ethernet; all of these traits provide an excellent piece of performance. 

Gigabyte X570 AOROUS Elite is compatible with AMD 2nd and 3rd generation and also supports with Radeon Vega graphics processor. This motherboard utilizes 12+2 stage automated CPU power pattern which contains DrMOS and PWM. These two automated commanders guarantee that the power is transferred to the motherboard in a proper amount for better proficiency. It contains M.2 thermal guards which ensure to protect blockage and overheating by releasing heat previously until it becomes an alarming issue.

Gigabyte X570 AORUS Elite Motherboard.jpg

The motherboard compatible with type C header for USB 3.2 gen 2 which provides quick speed and more proficiency. It allows you to charge you cell phone during the time you are playing games on you PC.  In different motherboards you need to install the GPU graphic and memory or you can check the BIOS menu but in case of this motherboard it is not necessarily.

In this you just have to download and save new BIOS file on your USB flash drive and then you need to give command like push the dedicated Q flash plus button to completely proceed the installation procedure. This motherboard also offers you an integrated I/O shield to make sure the safeguard of CPU from electrostatic damage.


  • Compatible with 2nd and 3rd generation AMD and Ryzen with Radeon Vega graphic processors
  • Availability of Intel Gigabyte LAN
  • 12 phases automated VRM for continuous energy supply
  • Elongated VRM heat sink
  • Two super fast NVMe PCI-e 4.0/3.0x 4 M.2 and thermal safeguard
  • Strong AMD 570X chipset
  • Weighs around 5.85 pounds
  • Fast AM4 socket for energy transmission
  • Availability of DDR4 four RAM slots


  • Wired I/O shield safeguard
  • Smooth BIOS update
  • Beautifully granting with RGB FUSION 2.0 lighting


  • No availability of wireless support
  • No availability of Type C port on back

ASUS ROG X570 crosshair VIII Formula Motherboard:


ASUS ROG X570 crosshair VIII formula is one the most impressive motherboard of X570 in the entire market nowadays.

This motherboard is amazingly quicker and offers numerous splendid traits which make it dominant of other motherboards within the same expenses or costs. If you wanted to let loose all the capabilities of your Ryzen 7 3700X, you don’t need to seek anymore than ASUS ROG X570 crosshair VIII formula. 

This motherboard comes with an Ai suite 3 dashboard that permits to strengthen every feature of your system to get embellish experience, smoothness and ultimate cooling. This motherboard is considered in one of the several motherboards which permit us to cool with air and water. More amount of extensive copper in reformed cooling pathways transfer up to 29.3 degrees Celsius lower MOSFET temperature on water. The motherboard comfortably fit with the existing setups due its G1/4 inches intertwine fitting. 

ASUS ROG X570 crosshair VIII formula comes with onboard Wi-Fi 6(802.11ax) assistance that brings ultra-fast internet speed, enhances the experience in compressed Wi-Fi areas, and advanced network capacity for amazing online gaming proficiency. The experience get more satisfactory due to increase in performance because of dual PCI-e 4.0 M.2 slot feature which is compatible for up to 22110 and brings NVMe SSD RAID support. 

We can design RAID arrangement with up to two PCI-e 4.0 storage devices to delight ourselves with ultra fast data transmission speed. Once start operating your system, this motherboard is featured with number lighting areas which are fully supports the coordination with AURA sync.


  • Extensive thermal arrangement comes with ROG cooling zone contains M.2 aluminum heat sink, integrated cross chill EK III, and active PCH heat sink
  • Digital system wide fix that brings you customizable cooling and over clocking for the rig
  • Availability of onboard Wi-Fi 6 (802.11Ax) with MU MIMO to enhance first  class online experience
  • Availability of pre-mounted I/O shield
  • Splendid constituents for best durability 
  • Compatible the good quality DDR4 memory
  • 12 USB 3.2 slots available
  • Superb look due to two RBG headers
  • ASUS Brand
  • Powerful chipset of AMD 570X
  • Weighs around 7.33 pounds
  • AM4 socket for excellent energy transmission
  • Formulation factor of ATX
  • 4 Slots available for RAM


  • Plenty of USB 3.1 ports
  • Terrific design
  • Compatible with AX Wi-Fi and 2.5G LAN
  • 12 USB slots on back
  • Amazing RGB


  • Unrealistic for many
  • Chipset not fit appropriate under GPU
  • Controversy behind chipset fan in users

MSI MEG X570 ACE Motherboard:

MSI MEG X570 ACE is furnished while considering game lovers. It has featured with such traits which will make it strong enough in this competition.MSI MEG X570 ACE Motherboard.jpg

MSI MEG X570 ACE is designed in such a way that the three M2 slots can work at the same time. It is compatible for AMD Ryzen of second and third generations.  It also supports comfortable use of BIOS that compatible with over clocking. It keeps the systems at cool degrees of temperature scale with the use of extended frozr sink, heat pipe, zero frozr and M.2 shield technology and also makes the system smooth while experiencing potential tasks.

This motherboard is specifically built for smooth experience of over locking, but this isn’t shocking that it releases small amount of heat when in potential working. But to overcome this MSI has featured a heat sink and cooling fan for the transfer unit of power and to support cooling USB type-C is featured on front of the board.

But still we have to take care of heat during the potential activities because this motherboard also contains the slots of M.2NVMe which are not featured with already built in heat sink.

Moreover, extending the discussion of CPU over clocking, this motherboard also compatible with RAM of 4400MHz over clocking. NVIDIAs SLI mode is not compatible in this motherboard but you can do it by making a crossfire installation. MPG X570 has all required properties that are essential for it, though it’s a mid-range gaming motherboard. Consequently, it is the best experienced motherboard for the Ryzen 7 3700X.

It brings the data transmission of 64 GB per second on single route due to triple lighting Gen 4 M.2 slots. It supplies continuous high definition sound due to a dedicated audio processor which experiences audio elevation technology. It also provides with Wi-Fi Antenna SATA cable, RGB LED cables and also user manual to provide you with necessary instructions. However, there is a feature of Mystic light infinity which permits to command RGB lights to your desired combo.


  • It is compatible with USB 3.2 of 2nd generation
  • It supports DDR4 memory 
  • Its featured with dedicated audio processor to bring high definition sound
  • Featured with onboard 2.5G LAN and Gigabit LAN
  • It brings excellent power delivery with the use of core boost
  • Wi-Fi 6 Solution 
  • It has AMD 570X chipset
  • I t weighs 2.65 pounds
  • It featured with AM4 socket
  • It’s formulation factor is ATX
  • It contains USB 1 type C, and 3 ports of type A5Gb, 2 of type A and 2 ports of USB 2.0


  • It is also featured with I/O shield armor to keep it cool
  • It makes comfortable installation with BIOS update
  • Beautifully designed with RGB FUSION 2.0 lighting


  •  Wireless support unavailable
  •  No availability of Type-C on the rear 

MSI MAG B550 Tomahawk Motherboard:

MSI MAG B550 Tomahawk Motherboard.jpg MSI MAG B550 Tomahawk is the most energetic and well designed motherboards in the entire market nowadays. It grants some excellent features at a very reasonable rate due to which it is most demanding amid the buyers.

MSI MAG B550 Tomahawk elevates the performance because it is featured with M.2 Shield Frozr, core elevation, extended heat sink and also 2.5G LAN.  It also permits the quicker transmission rate  due to the variety of USB connectivity features and also equipped with latest version of USB 3.0 which also maximum transfer rate.

The motherboard is designed to experience third generation AMD Ryzen processors and also the upcoming Ryzen processors with BIOS update. Your gaming adventures will be more pleasurable and fabulous with professional level sound quality.

When we extend the discussion to pattern, MSI MAG B550 Tomahawk provides you with the mixture of gray and black layout on different part like designed PCB back on the board and heat sinks. This motherboard featured with two PCI-e slots of full lengths, one on the superior and works at PCI-e 4.0 x 16 and the 2nd one which inferior running at PCI-e 3.0 x 4.

When we talk about storage, this motherboard is designed with two PCI-e M.2 slots. One of the stop slots sealed at best of PCI-e 4.0 x 16 and the other slot sealed at the best of PCI-e 3.0 x 4. Both of the slots are featured with separate M.2 frozr heat sink.

MSI MAG B550 Tomahawk is compatible with the RAM memory of DDR4 up to 4866 MHZ. It is compatible with RGB and RAINBOW LED fillet due the feature of Mystic light extension. It also comes with excellent protection of EMI and brings comfortable installation due to already featured I/O shielding. If we talk about internet and networking, this artistic piece designed with onboard 2.5G LAN and Gigabit LAN with LAN manager that brings an amazing online proficiency with no buffering or lag.


  • It is compatible with upcoming versions of AMD Ryzen processors with BIOS update.
  • It brings you 4 by 4 of PCI-e 4.0 lighting generations including M.2 shield frozr, AMD supersonic 3.2 of 2nd generation for quicker gaming experience.
  • It has extended heat sink pattern with extra choke thermal pad to provide vigorous cooling
  • Professional audio quality enhance gaming experience
  • It brings you the best online experience due to onboard 2.5G LAN and Gigabit with LAN managers.
  • It fastens the installation and brings  excellent EMI security due to pre-designed I/O shield
  • It contains AMD 550
  • Weighs around 2.65 pounds
  •  Contains AM4 CPU socket
  • It is compatible with multiple GPU support
  • It has DDR4 RAM of innovative quality
  • It has also the formulation factor of ATX


  • Compatible of 13-phase 60 A Power transmission
  • Connectivity of 2.5G and 1G LAN
  • Supports USB 3.2 of Gen.1 front board connectivity


  • Less amount of ports on rear IO 
  • Insufficience of audio codec
  • Wi-Fi connectivity not available
  • Unavailability of SLI

Asus AM4 TUF Gaming X570-Plus Wi-Fi Motherboard:

Asus AM4 TUF Gaming X570-Plus Wi-Fi Motherboard.jpg

Asus’s TUF composition of PC constituents is famous for suggesting quite powerful gadgets with reasonable costs for it which contains several motherboards. 

 The Asus TUF Gaming X570 plus motherboard comes on the top in this series with utmost effective formulation factor of ATX which includes the option of AM4 socket. Its X570 chipset is admirable from where you can presume high end over clocking experience with top quality power transmission. It also permits you to connect plentiful numbers of expansion cards utilizing its 4 PCI-e slots.

Asus also offers a 3 years warranty with the motherboard which it offers averagely with its first class opportunities. However, from Asus you’ll receive several numbers of ports of connectivity including PCI-e 4.0, triple M.2 slots, 8 ports of SATA 3. It also offers you with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth USB 3.2 Gen type C and type A, HDMI, Display ports and many other connectivity options but still this board is not so proficient in aspects of Wi-Fi speeds.


  • Potential motherboard of X570 with AM4 socket
  • Formulation of ATX factor
  • Compatible with AMD Ryzen of 2000 to 5000 CPUs list
  • Permits PCI-e 3.0 16x GPUs
  • Grants 4 RAM memory slots for up to 128 GB RAM 
  •  4 PCI-e slots of variable sizes
  • Designed 3 M.2 slots and 8 ports of SATA3
  • Availability of USB Type C, A Wi-Fi. Bluetooth, Ethernet and many other ports including audio
  • 3 years of Warranty


  • Amazing over clocking experience
  • Powerful chipset of X570
  • Diversified connectivity ports for greater range


  • Unavailability of type C port

ASRock B450M PRO4 AM4 AMD Motherboard.jpg

ASRock B450M PRO4 AM4 AMD Motherboard:

Even though ASRock perhaps not famous like other motherboard developers, though its embodiment is no doubt is at reasonable cost for the buyers with estimated expenses. Asrock’s B450M Pro4 motherboard is considered in this series because it’s especially designed for the budget buyers with next level features. Regardless of reasonable expenses, this micro ATX motherboard is compatible with over clocking because it utilizes the strong B450M chipset and AM4 socket for better power transmission. 

Despite the small size of the board, it offers quite numerous connectivity options including 1 M.2 slot, 4 ports of SATA, 4 memory slots which are compatible for 64GB RAM. It also offers USB type, USB 3.1 of quality speed ports, HDMI, DVI-D, graphic adaptor and much more. In contrast to other options it has only one year of warranty with it.


  • Strong B450 motherboard with latest AM4 socket
  • Formulation factor of Micro ATX
  • Compatible with AMD Ryzen 1000 to 5000 CPUs list
  • Compatible with PCI-e 3.0 16x GPUs
  • Permits for RAM slots for up to 64GB RAM
  • Contains 3 PCI-e slots of variable sizes
  • Designed 1 M.2 slot and 4 ports of SATA3
  • Availability of USB type C, A, Ethernet, HDMI, DVI-D, VGA, PS-2, and audio ports
  • Available with one year of warranty


  • Opportunity for people with estimated expenses
  • Sophisticated connectivity options
  • Compatible with CPU and memory over clocking


  • Just one year of warranty

GIGABYTE B550M DS3H Motherboard:

GIGABYTE B550M DS3H Motherboard.jpg

Gigabyte can also be the option to meet your satisfaction if you are going to buy a motherboard at precisely estimated cost without bargain on quality and connectivity options. 

This Gigabyte B550M DS3H motherboard comes at this point in the discussion because it can also be the most satisfactory budget and concise option of micro ATX formulation which utilizes AM4 socket for excellent energy transmission. Because it comes with the latest chipset of B550, it’s compatible with PCI-e 4.0 devices for excellent experience including 3 PCI-e slots for connectivity of other expansion cards.

You’ll receive variable ports and numerous choices for the connectivity in the motherboard. It contains two M.2 slots, USB 3.2 gen 1 port, HDMI DVI-D and other variable options. Moreover, due to its designing for budget buyers, it lacks in USB type C in it. Luckily Gigabytes grants a 3-year warranty which is usually unavailable in the budget offers or in estimated costs. 


  • Dynamic B550 motherboard with latest AM4 sockets
  • Micro ATX type of form factor
  • Compatible with AMD Ryzen ranges 2000 to 5000 CPUs series
  • Compatible with PCI-e 3.0 16x GPUs
  • Four memory slots which supports up to 128 GB RAM
  • Contains 3 PCI-e slots of variable sizes
  • Arranged 2 M.2 slots and 4 ports of SATA3
  • Comes with USB type A, Ethernet, HDMI, DVI-D, PS2, and audio ports
  • Grants 3 years of warranty


  • Extended warranty time period
  • Proficient motherboard chipset
  • Compatible PCI-e Gen 4


  • Absence of USB type C ports

MSI Arsenal Gaming AMD Ryzen Motherboard:

MSI Arsenal Gaming AMD Ryzen Motherboard.jpg

MSI is famous brand for computers and well known for different components of the computer serving with numerous types of production for such a long span of time now.

The MSI B450 Tomahawk Max motherboard is also one of the finest and satisfactory options if you are seeking for complete size ATX motherboard compatible with AM4 sockets. It offers a very powerful chipset of B450 at reasonably less cost label. Consequently provides quality at very low expenses. Since it’s a complete size motherboard, as it is offering 5 PCI-e slots in it.

Moreover, the option of PCI-e is not available because of the preceding version of chipset in this motherboard. Favorably,  many quality ports compatible for high speed like USB 3.0, USB type C, HDMI, M.2 SSD slot,6 ports of SATA3, and much more are available for relish. It also contains 4 memory slots for RAM which supports up to 128GB RAM. If you are seeking for 3 years of warranty then this motherboard is the best option for you to give satisfaction and calmness.


  • Prevailing chipset of B450 with AM4 socket
  • Pattern factor of ATX
  • Compatible with AMD Ryzen ranges 1000 to 5000 CPUs sequence
  • Compatible with PCI-e 3.0 16x GPUs
  • Supports 4 memory slots for up to 128 GB of RAM 
  • Involves 5 PCI-e slots of variable sizes
  • Arrange 1 M.2 slot and 6 ports of SATA3
  • Availability of USB type C, A, Ethernet, HDMI, DVI-D, audio ports, and PS2
  • Grants 3 years of warranties


  • Numerous of High speed quality ports
  • Fair over clocking compatibility
  • Brimming size of AMD motherboard


  • Not compatible with PCI-e gen 4

MSI MPG X570 Gaming Plus Motherboard:

MSI MPG X570 Gaming Plus Motherboard.jpg

MSI MPG X570 Gaming plus is excellent option if you are seeking for a tough and budget friendly motherboard for Ryzen 7 3700X. This motherboard is an excellent piece of choice for those game lovers who want to buy motherboard in estimated expenses but looking for fabulous gaming performance.

This motherboard is compatible with 2nd and 3rd generation AMD Ryzen. It also comes with the compatibility of DDR4 memory with up to 4400+ MHz.  It featured with MSI lightning Gen 4 PCI-e which allows one sided data transmission of up to 64GB per second. When you are doing potential tasks heat utilization is quite irritating. MSI MPG X570 Gaming Plus comes with the frozr heat sink that keeps X570 chipset at moderate temperature, which guarantee an excellent experience. The M.2 shield frozr upgrades the heat sink to M.2 SSD to uphold best proficiency by providing thermal control.

The motherboard also provides with Audio elevation 4 with nahimic that brings an HD audio processor, assigned amplifiers for best experience of audio sound, and first-class audio capacitors. These components are apart from the motherboard wiring system to guarantee the finest delivery of audio signals for exceptional gaming proficiency.

The central elevation is pretty effective power system that supply proper amount of current output to the CPU for amazing proficiency. MSI MPG X570 Gaming plus also comes with numerous exclusive hardware and software equipments arranged to elevate your gaming experience and make you stand out in the competition. The built in I/O shield provides assistance to security from electrostatic discharge damage from outside exposure.


  • Compatible with 2nd and 3rd era AMD
  • Accordant with DD4 memory with 4400 MHz
  • Availability of Frozr heat sink with exclusive fan style for utmost cooling
  • For best gaming skillfulness it comes with Audio boost innovation with nahimic three software
  • Built in I/O shield to protect against electrostatic discharge
  • AMD 570X power enhancer chipset
  • Weighs 6.24 pounds
  • AM4 fast power transfer socket
  • Form factor of ATX
  • RAM memory compatible of 128 GB Maximum


  • Two slots of PCI-e M.2
  • Exclusive USB 3.2 Gen 2 port
  • Compatible with DDR4 memory up to 4400+ MHz


  • 02 PCI-e slots
  • No compatibility for NVIDIA’s SLI 

ASRock X570 Phantom Gaming X Motherboard:

ASRock X570 Phantom Gaming X Motherboard.jpg

ASRock motherboards are popular for their proficiency and dominant performance. ASRock X570 Phantom Gaming X also comes to enhance experience. This motherboard is loaded with high class characteristics but still it’s a budget friendly option. Consequently, it’s a top class choice for the people obsessed with games and seeking for outclass performance and efficacy.

ASRock X570 Phantom Gaming X allows AMD AM4 socket and also Ryzen series of processors ranges from 3000 to 2000. It contains dual M.2 SSD slots, in which the one is outfitted with massive heat sink to protect overheating. It also loaded with 12+2 stage VRM energy transmission that elevates the proficiency of Ryzen 300 series processors to provide an excellent gaming experience. 

Two NVMe PCI slots with thermal guards assist the CPU to be cool by guarantee that there is suitable heat dissipation. To attain moderate performance this motherboard also offers Smart Fan 5 innovation to command the alterable fan header.

This motherboard also offers Bluetooth 5.0, Intel Wi-Fi 6, and Gigabit LAN for expediting wireless connectivity. Its BIOS is quite smooth. When we extend our discussion to audio, the use AMP-UP audio of this CPU with ALC11220-VB that supplies top quality audio results.


  • Intel Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.0 for expediting and smooth wireless connectivity
  • Compatible with DDR4 RAM with up to 4666+ MHz
  • Provides AMD AM4 socket
  • Sleek thermal pattern
  • Two NVMe PCI slots with thermal safeguard for ultimate cooling in motherboard.
  • Potent chipset of AMD X570
  • Weighs around 2.65 pounds
  • Form  factor of ATX


  • New and beautiful
  • Features of pricy model
  • Improvement in RGB LED 


  • Deficient in memory over clocking
  • Diversified over clocking outcomes

What to Look For When Buying a Motherboard:

As we all know that motherboard is the main constituent of the system and without which your system will not be able to run. But at the same time you will have to seek for its properties to get a good piece. Here I am discussing some features which you need to know before buying a motherboard:


The CPU socket similar to any alternative option, make a connection between CPU and power supply, same stands for the motherboard. There is some additional than just the power supply. There is variability in the types of the sockets and motherboards are according to their needs. Some specific motherboards are designed to collaborate with specific processors and they are only suitable for them. There are several constituents of the sockets which include the Pin Grid Array, Land Grid Array, Zero Insertion Force, Ball, and Grid Array. The Ryzen 7 3700X contains AM4 socket.


The BIOS is responsible for starting the hardware and provide assistance for the system operation. It allows you through a software interface to give commands about some hardware operations. It makes a relationship between the true processor and your operating system. It also provides you with some other operations like commanding fan speed and over clocking. A quality of good BIOS is that it will help your system to operate at maximum proficiency. Moreover, in most situations it will provide an interface with guidance.


Random Access Memory is responsible for collection all CPU information while it’s operating. It allows the processor to prevail the things quickly. Normal prescription of RAM for normal users is 8 GB which is enough for them. However, there are some professional versions of RAM with much more capacity, suitable for the game lovers and other heavy duty usage like 16GB or more. The motherboard is designed with more than one RAM slots; you can utilize them according to your needs. The remaining part of the RAM slots always available for later use.


The PCI-e slot on motherboard is in charge of making its connection with the GPU. Similarly like RAM slots they are also available in more than one. The most recent variant is PCI-e x 6 slots, operates at 16 bits per cycle, and provides quicker experience. Before buying you should consider first that GPU features support slots available on the motherboard.


Although there are lots of options for processors in AMD’s most recent versions of 5000 series arrangement of Ryzen processors, but the former Ryzen 7 3700X is quite most favorable choice till now. This CPU is far better to utilize in different kinds of activities like gaming, productivity, content creation, designing, and many other potential activities. If you have decided to get this CPU then you’ll also have to find an ideal motherboard for it. Above Listicles are helpful for you to get diversified details includes the prominent specification and all the qualities and with an inclusive guide according to your estimated budget.

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