26 amazing tips to make healthy living for 2021

We all have entered 2021 and we better know that how it is important to be healthy in this Corona time. We all know that nothing is important than our health than why we can’t spend some time making a healthy living? It’s a time to be conscious about your health and make your living happy and healthy.

Healthy living”  means both mental and physical health should be in balance. In many conditions, physical and mental health are closely related to each other, so that a change that is either good or bad directly affects the other.

Here I have mentioned some tips which can help you in your life.

1.Drink water for hydration

Drinking a glass of water hydrate the body and remove the toxic material from the body. It helps in digestion and gives healthy skin. You can add lemon and mint leaves to it to add some flavor. Lemon detoxifies your body.

Make sure that your drinking water is not contaminated otherwise it can lead to water-borne diseases such as cholera, diarrhea, hepatitis A, and many more. 2 billion people use contaminated drinking water. So boiling water for at least one minute is a method to kill all microorganisms in water.

Drinking more water can also help to reduce weight and burn calories. A study shows that it can boost metabolism by 24–30% and can burn 96 additional calories if you drink 2 liters every day.

The best time to drink water is before meals

. Up to 44% of weight loss is increased when you drink 2.1 cups of water.

26 amazing tips to make healthy living for 2021

2. Wake up early

Wake up early in the morning is a habit that can change your whole life. Going to bed early and then waking up early can make your life amazing. Early morning hours are the most productive time of day because you get much time with yourself. When you don’t face any distractions and noise then you can complete most of the tasks rapidly.

You can manage your time by prioritizing your work and planning makes your day, more organized and enhances your productivity.

“Early birds have better sleep quality than night owls”. They have greater time to complete all stages of the required sleeping cycle and then they wake up with more energy.

3. Feel fresh

Take shower daily make you feel healthy and happy and the risk of many diseases can also be avoided. Daily bathing can improve heart health because when you take bath with warm water then it increases the blood circulation in the body and makes you active.

Taking a bath has good effects on lung capacity and you can breathe more easily.

 Daily bathing can reduce the stress on the mind and your nervous system works more properly.

Through bathing, you can balance your hormones. Serotonin level increases through warm-water bathing, which is the chemical produced by our brain which is associated with happiness.

Amazing tips to make healthy living for 2021

4. Floss your teeth

Flossing your teeth is also beneficial to prevent cavities and gum diseases. This method is helpful for your teethhealth. The American Dental Association recommends flossing your teeth daily with an interdental cleaner and some people also use thread for flossing.

5. Make your breath smell good throughout the day

Poor oral hygiene is the cause of bad breath, but sometimes even after doing good hygiene, you suffer from bad breath. How to avoid it? No problem I have a better solution.

Brush your teeth twice a day at least for two minutes at one time. Brush whenever you eat some strong odors food like garlic and onion. Drink a lot of water because a dry mouth can lead to bad breath.

Carry some chew gums of mint flavor in your bag and when you feel that you are smelling bad use these gums.

Make your breath smell good throughout the day

6. Consume fresh juices and vegetables

Fresh juices and vegetables always make your life healthy and energetic. Carbs provide continuous energy to the body. Vegetables and fruits are a good source of prebiotic fiber, vitamins, minerals, and many antioxidants.

In a study, it was shown that people who consume more vegetables and fruits live longer and the risk of many diseases is also reduced. Fresh juices are a great source of antioxidants either these fresh juices are obtained from vegetables or fruits. Freshly squeezed juices contain natural sugars that help your body to produce energy.

Natural fruits or vegetables contain antioxidants and point to be noted here that darker colored fruits and vegetables contain more antioxidants. Freshly squeezed juices hydrate your body because they provide your body with an excess amount of water.

A hydrated body helps to produce energy, give a boost to the metabolism, and maintain health and provide elasticity to your skin.

7. Spend time with yourself  

It gives you time to focus on your habits and interests. “Being alone is an important part of self-development”. You know yourself better when you are alone. Do things which you want such as walking, gardening, listening to music, book reading or anything you like. Make yourself better and always try to adopt good habits.

Meditation is one of the best habits which change my life completely. You learn to focus without distraction and this paves the way towards success. Set goals in your life to be a successful person.

8. Sleep well

 The importance of getting quality sleep cannot be replaced with something else. 6-8 hours of sleep is good enough to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Poor sleep may cause insulin resistance, and the physical and mental performance of an individual is also affected.

Research shows that poor sleep can increase the risk factors of obesity in children and adults up to 55% and 88% respectively.

Bright lights can disturb your sleep hormone production in the evening. Avoid using dark lights while sleeping and this will help you to sleep better.

Benefits tips to make healthy living for 2021

9. Wash your face with cold water

It is highly suggested that when you feel tired then wash your face and eyes with cold water.

10. Dress up properly

Dress up properly just like as it’s your birthday change the entire mood.

11. Eyes care

While using a laptop or other screens give rest to your eyes after every 30/ 45 minutes move around and watch 20/30 feet far from your screen. Rub your hands and put on your eyes to relax them. Trust me I am doing the same while writing and this helps magically.

12. Do exercise

Exercise improves cognitive skills use stairs for physical activity. adults aged 18-64 years should do at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity throughout the week. Increase moderate-intensity physical activity to 300 minutes per week for additional health benefits.

13. No need for a doctor

 One apple and the use of apple cider vinegar daily also keep the doctor away. It helps in digestion and boosts the immune system.

 14. Eat healthy food

Eat healthy food and avoid fast food always tries to use real food which is unprocessed food such as cucumber and apple or green veggies. Yogurt and honey. Eat a combination of food like nuts, vegetables, grains, and all fruits available in a particular season. You can reduce the risk of diseases by eating these healthy foods. According to research nuts can help to lose body weight.

Fat consumption should not more than 30% of the total energy intake. Unsaturated fats are preferred over saturated fats by WHO. Unsaturated fats are present in fish, nuts, avocado, sunflower, and olive oil. Saturated fats are present in meat, butter, and coconut oil, cheese, and ghee. Doctors usually prefer to consume unsaturated fats over saturated fats.

healthy living Tips

15. Daily walk

Morning and evening walks 10,000 steps daily are recommended. But a small walk is better than no walk. It is published in the journal Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics that, “Low-intensity exercise reduces fatigue symptoms by 65 percent”.

Healthy living is made of so many small things and they are so small that they don’t feel momentous. If these small things are done consistently then we can live a happy and healthy life.

16. Use organic, non-toxic skincare products

Organic skincare products are made of organic ingredients. In these products, harsh chemicals and fertilizers are not added because chemicals give harm to your skin. With the use of the chemical product, your skin looks brighter for few weeks but this product peels off your skin. These chemical products may irritate the skin and increase sensitivity of the skin.

Organic skin products don’t harm your skin instead these products work slowly on your skin and solve all issues.

17. Take sunlight

Take sunlight in the morning and evening for vitamin D. More than 41.6% of the U.S. population is deficient in these critical vitamins because they are not exposed to sunlight. If you’re not getting enough sunlight then consume vitamin D supplements which are a good alternative. Vitamin D helps to give strength to your bone and decreases the risk of cancer.  It may also help you to live longer.

18. Smile as often as you can

Smiling releases the endorphins hormone which makes you happy and positive.  A Scientific American study shows that smiling and good facial expressions can improve mood and generate positive thoughts. So when you feel dizzy and sad make a smile on your face this will helps a lot.

Laughing and smiling can also lower your blood pressure and makes your heart healthier. One study suggests that when you smile you look younger. So, keep a big smile on your face to look younger.

19. Intermittent fasting

 Intermittent fasting is the best eating pattern that regulates the cycle between fasting and eating time. It specifies the time when you will eat your meals and after how many hours. So this is an eating pattern, not a diet which makes you healthy and energetic and also helps to lose weight.

According to a study in 2014, you can reduce weight through intermittent fasting by 3–8% over 3–24 weeks. Intermittent fasting may cause weight loss at a rate of 0.55 to 1.65 pounds (0.25–0.75 kg) per week in a healthy way.

20. Lose weight

Losing weight is a very important factor in the way of your health. More weight can lead to obesity, higher blood pressure, and cholesterol. You can’t enjoy your clothes at any festivals and I know this is a problem for many people who are suffering from extra weight. In this regard, intermittent fasting is very beneficial to adopt it and enjoy your life.

21. Listen to music to reduce stress

Cortisol is a stress hormone and when you listen to music then the level of this hormone reduces. A study was conducted in which it was shown that people who actively participate in singing and playing a musical instrument than their immune systems are boosted.

People feel relaxed, happy, and healthy while listening to music.

26 amazing tips to make healthy living for 2021

22. Consume less salt and sugar

Salt intake should be 5g per day not more than this. People who consume more salt are at higher risk of high blood pressure which is a silent killer and leads to many heart diseases.

On the other side, consuming more sugar may cause tooth decay and unhealthy fat in the body. Sugary drinks may cause diabetes. WHO recommends that sugar intake for an adult should be less than 10% of total energy intake.

23. Take coffee

Coffee is good for health.

Coffee is antioxidants, and it reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases, and many other illnesses

24. Don’t smoke or do drug

If you are addicted to smoking and drugs then you are spoiling your lungs and other vital body organs. If you can’t avoid these then at least use them in moderation and then slowly you can be able to tackle them perfectly.  Your health is in your hand, either spoil it or make it.

“The only difference between a good day and a bad day is your attitude.” Make your today better than yesterday

25. Smells good all the day

When you smell good then you feel more comfortable. Are you agree or not?

Buy a good quality perfume and then apply it to your pulse points. In this way, scent mix naturally with your body chemistry, and when your body heats up the scent will be automatically activated and released and you will smell good all day.

You can also apply scented lotion on the body right after the shower to avoid the smell and this will keep your body moisturized as well.

26. Use lemon for your smelly armpits

Here is a great tip for you. If your armpits are smelly then you can use lemon and apply it on armpits. The smell will never come back for the whole day.

Use lemon for your smelly armpits

These are some tips and I’m sure that these tips will help you in your life.

“You don’t need to do everything, and you don’t have to do it all at once”. Just do things that you enjoy.

Wishing you a healthy life.

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