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Summer internships and fellowships are a great opportunity to learn and develop your professional skills in such an exciting field. For some of the best opportunities, you can contact us directly with all your details like your name, college, year, coursework, portfolio, etc..

So here we will discuss about some examples of internship and fellowships for undergraduate students.

2-1–2018-BBA-CSE-BCE-BBA-BCA-BAS-BCA (Bachelor of Business Administration)

An ideal summer internship is an opportunity to take advantage of this chance by applying to take part in research projects and to gain hands-on experience which is valuable for you to build up your career in that area you have chosen.

Bachelor of business administration is one of the most popular degree programs globally especially when it comes to professionals coming from developing countries who want to become entrepreneurs or start their own businesses. It’s an excellent choice if you want to apply for jobs in marketing, financial services, sales, management, accounting, information technology and many more areas. You can join as a full time intern or work part-time as a student. This is a high school diploma program and allows you to choose which university you want to study in.


A bachelor is also very useful for those who want to do master degree program to pursue such jobs as marketing director, sales manager, analyst, finance manager etc. It’s a great way to strengthen your English as well as international communication skills. The BBA program includes academic exams and several practical exams. After studying a BBA you will be awarded your Bachelor of Commerce degree by your University. There are many scholarships for working students and individuals looking for Master’s Degree Program as they are considered an essential. Many large companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon and so on offer different MBA level courses and other kinds of studies in order to recruit talented local people.


So after completing your graduation, you can apply to any company. If you want something different from traditional job positions then you can look for some specialized roles and specializations like: marketing managers, financial service analysts, project managers, accountants, investment bankers, financial analysts, data scientists, systems engineers, programmers, system designers etc.. Then there’s always a need of experienced talent to get the job done right. As our country is facing some economic problems and recession so there’s a need for fresh graduates coming out of universities, colleges and universities to help the economy and develop its stability.

By doing this internship and following our mentors in their field you’ll get exposure to modern techniques, methods and procedures to deal with tough situations. With that knowledge you can help government officials, organizations at every stage of development. And this kind of internship helps you to understand how different cultures and environments do things and what motivates them to learn new things and solve problems. Thus, with this internship and a flexible schedule you’ll gain better experience and understand the challenges and obstacles we face every day and try to find solutions for those.

Internship is a chance to learn, analyze and prepare yourself for the real world. These are some of the benefits of being an NSP: 1) Learn something from others. 2) Get a lot of practical experience. 3) Build up your analytical skills. 4) Get to know different points of view, problems and solutions 3) Get to meet experts and interact with people. 5) Increase your confidence which is important not only to be a successful person but to be a good leader too. 6) Work independently and be part of big teams. 7) Help make someone else’s life easier. 8) Make contacts and find people to communicate with. 9) Participate in team events and get to know more about your colleagues. 10) Improve professional skills and get a deep understanding of the industry. 11) Gain self-confidence and learn how to deal with stress. 12) Be enthusiastic about what you do and the passion you have to improve your future and progress. 13) Learn new things.15) Get to meet new people and expand your network 1) Speak english to international people. This internship has been provided by International Network Schools.

The first place to study in Europe is France, one of the most populated countries in the European Union, it’s a wonderful option, it offers one of the top education facilities by French standards. In addition to French language and culture, the educational institutions in France are known for various extracurricular activities like athletics, music and sports. They are not only famous in this field but also in other fields but these schools provide students many other exciting options like theater, dance, cinema, ballet, philosophy, political science, economics and much more. As the second place we will go to Germany.

German language is spoken in Germany, therefore, this is an obvious choice. In addition to foreign languages, some nationalities can study this school using just their native tongue like, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese etc. This school provides bilingual language teaching which makes students better prepared than non-bilingual people because a bilingual person requires less vocabulary and has better memory.

They also teach foreign languages like Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Finnish etc. In general, German language is one of the most widely studied languages in Europe, hence almost everyone wants to study in this country, even for adults. After knowing each country, let’s talk about another country, which is India. India is located in South East Asia and has vast cultural influence over Eastern Asia including, Buddhism and Hinduism. This nation is a melting pot of nations and peoples from both sides of boundaries who are fascinated by the fascinating traditions of Indian religions. Each of the regions in India has certain characteristics and practices.

It is extremely diverse and easy to travel through the country; hence all Indians are eager to learn new things and explore new places. Students pursuing engineering or computer science are attracted to the city of Bangalore because of the state’s growing tech sector, this city is home to some prominent IT startups. Another city worth mentioning is Delhi, India’s capital, it has a huge population, this means that a large chunk of India’s population are educated and skilled with a strong interest in technology. Lastly, Kolkata, another capital of India, has some beautiful beaches, hill stations, lush greenery and serene hills. Not only the geography of different parts of the country is amazing, but people are also great thinkers in this region, they always try to reach the highest point on their learning path. These days India welcomes all types of students whether they are fresh graduate or have completed their graduation. To further my discussion, I would also like to mention China.

Although China’s history, mythology and religion differ from other Asian countries, its modern infrastructure and technologies are very similar to those of Western countries. This means that Chinese students are often referred to as “westerners” in this context. Nevertheless, Chinese students get the same access to higher education as American students. However, the tuition fees in public colleges are significantly lower than those in US counterparts. This is due to higher costs and a tight visa policy. Also, the quality standards are slightly weaker than those in the West, though the tuition fee structure is quite the same as in America.


Overall, you can consider staying and joining this country for good if you want to develop your knowledge and skills in AI. You can also start off your online course by enrolling at Beijing Academy. The last two places to visit are Egypt and the United States. Egyptians speak Arabic, but use English as their primary language. Their writing system is based on the alphabet and this language can be used in their everyday life. Even while exploring the streets and meeting people, Egyptian language becomes very dominant. Moreover, when traveling abroad, they prefer speaking English to tourists.

On the other hand, U.S.’s official language is English, so you can communicate through words and phrases. That is the reason they mostly use computers, phones, social media etc. I hope you liked this post, let me know if you have any questions.



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