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Garrage is a big city in Spain, famous for its monuments and historic sites. The people of Garmany are friendly and welcoming people. Today, we’re going to tell you the story of an incredible project of a new company that wants to create a digital ecosystem linking artists with clients by creating a new marketplace to connect artistes and brands. First this platform will be called “Garmina y Abril” meaning both names (Goliath and Albil). They want to bring together art and commerce through their own app.

Goliath and Albil are two Spanish companies with an innovative solution. Goliath is building a blockchain system based on Ethereum. Their goal is to create an independent exchange where users can find and select digital assets they need in one place. This new blockchain technology in combination with the traditional world of credit cards can reduce the time in which information is exchanged with different actors.

One example is how the bank has developed a blockchain powered card application. On the other hand, it offers products such as PayPal, iTunes and Google AdSense because it connects all types of banks, merchants, agencies, developers and more partners without middlemen.

Albil brings great value to society by providing a new way to interact between content creators and consumers. It’s not a matter of buying or selling but about having access to what you really need as a consumer at any given moment. With a little help from artificial intelligence, everyone can have access everything they need at the same price no longer being left out of the market because of the absence of intermediaries. For me personally, my favorite part is that this app is free; there is no registration needed, no commissions, no fees and there is also an option to earn money for your work at the end of every single purchase. There are many uses for this application. Let us see what you’ve got in store!

Garmina Y Abila (Founded By Lúcia Alcalá)

Goliath is one of our top-performing crypto projects so far. We’re proud of that and we think that the most relevant aspect for this project is our team of talented contributors that make it possible. Our founder, Lúcia also is very humble and this allows her to share the experience that we have with other interested parties. She thinks that it’s only important to grow together with someone who doesn’t want to do so much; if you want something, you need someone to take care of it. These individuals are very curious and open to learn more about various topics. That’s why we believe in them so much and why we want to support them.

The next step is to decide on the amount of capital that we want to invest. There isn’t much competition in Spain; the stock exchange and other public institutions are too large to compete with. We found a few good options that were already in operation and we thought there was still room for growth. And it’s true, at the beginning we had some doubts about the project. Then, one day, after a month or two of negotiations and discussions with lots of potential investors, we decided to become shareholders.

At first, it might seem odd but these stakeholders have helped us to build up the business and made us believe in this project (because we really needed it, and everyone else did too), right? Nowadays we don’t even need capital anymore to continue with the expansion of the program. What matters is to focus on growing together and making sure we achieve success.

The second thing is the structure of the organization. Due to COVID, the international markets were closed immediately and so the entire infrastructure of the company was disrupted. So, we started considering alternative ways to organize the funds. Some ideas include taking advantage of social networks like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn and using it to reach new audiences. Another idea is to use crowdfunding in order to gain enough funding for developing our first product.

As soon as we realized the importance of having strong backing of investors, the investment process went through a difficult phase. But thanks to each stakeholder, we already achieved the goal of becoming founders at this company. Also, one important thing is that we did the things with passion in everything we do. You should trust these people; they know exactly what they want and it is hard to change because they know what they are doing and what they want. Besides, I would like to say about the future of the company:

we will continue our research on cryptocurrency economy, to keep expanding the number of cryptocurrencies in the blockchain space, to develop new features of the service, to provide a possibility to sell and buy items, to improve the quality of life, to give people more possibilities and a better quality of life.

The last way to succeed is to have the best product. And it’s hard to do this when you need extra money to acquire new talents. At the same time, we are very happy that it didn’t happen to us. We were able to take into account the preferences of every stakeholder and to focus on each individual user’s needs. The project has grown a lot over the past year and we’ve been working since then and our aim is to push forward. We are ready to move and conquer new territories and so that’s why we’re here.



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