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YouTube is the biggest platform in the world, with over 2 billion active users. The amount of content created every minute is mind-boggling, which makes it a great place for people to get their work out there and earn some extra cash from home.

In addition, a lot of you can also earn passive income through making videos on YouTube and even hosting them on your own channel! So if you are looking into how you can monetize your

In addition, a lot of you can also earn passive income through making videos on YouTube and even hosting them on your own channel! So if you are looking into how you can monetize your You Tube account then this post is for you! Follow along and learn how to make money on You Tube!

account then this post is for you! Follow along and learn how to make money on You Tube!

How To Make Money By Adding Affiliate Links For Your Videos

Affiliate marketing is an ideal way to generate income. You create an affiliate link for your video and share it to help others purchase products or services through your links. When someone clicks on the link, they will be taken to a page where that merchant shares details about the offer (such as what type of product they want and how much) from whom and where they should go to purchase.

Once someone has purchased in this manner, they will get compensation for the sale of whatever you have recommended for them.

Many websites and businesses offer various ways to promote their business using affiliate programs, but most of them require you to have at least 20,000 subscribers before you are eligible for the program. However, that is not necessary.

Many other companies do not seem to care about affiliate marketing for the simple reason that they don’t have enough subscribers. If you really like the idea of starting a blog and want to keep up to date with new technology then consider creating a free website or membership site using WordPress so that you only pay when your members sign up!

Don’t worry about having the required traffic just yet because once you get more subscribers you won’t be limited by traffic, but just remember that one of the best methods available for making money online is being able to get links from other people to your affiliate-based posts and videos. This means that you are earning money for every conversion made (if you are selling an item or service, you will be paid a commission).

1. Create Engaging Content And Optimize It

You must create engaging content, but before doing so, it helps to understand what quality content is. There are many different types and formats in terms of content you can use. Some examples include:

Video blogging – this is one of my favorite ways to showcase my personal interests and topics, such as travel, food, tech, fashion etc.

Infographics – these visuals are especially useful for students who need to take notes or research something. They are quick, easy to read, and very engaging.

Blog writing – I find this format quite useful for bloggers who want to write high quality articles and. publish them regularly on Medium

Sell your knowledge – sometimes, you might have an interesting piece of information that you think everyone needs to know but you simply don’t feel confident sharing it with the world. Maybe you feel uncomfortable talking to strangers about a topic you know nothing about! Try asking somebody around campus, school, or neighborhood to ask them about your subject.

Then, pitch them a question and get their expert opinion on whether or not you should write it down. Of course, you should always check the fact that you are providing value to those seeking information about your subject matter, otherwise, they will probably leave you hanging!

Create unique content – you should have at least 1,500 words on average. A typical article may be anywhere between 450 to 1,000 words and can vary greatly depending upon the niche and topic of your particular article. Keep in mind that an “average” keyword length for each of these resources should be between 30 to 50 words.

Remember that “average” doesn’t mean “the best”, although often times, good content will attract readers. It is important to know exactly what kind of content works for you. Do not waste time trying to copy and paste content from other sources; instead, create original content using your own voice and style. Always remember that no two topics look alike and therefore, the same content may perform differently in certain niches than in others.

Also, remember that not all topics are appropriate for certain social media platforms as well, so do not spam on platforms that aren’t for you.

Keep your audience engaged – when you publish regular articles, do not forget to respond to comments left by fans as well as give away prizes/bonuses. It isn’t necessary that you reply immediately or within 24 hours of publishing the piece of content. Just wait until a certain number of days passes and then contact any followers that will still not have gotten a response.

You can also provide them with an incentive which could be anything from helping them to start their next career to giving them exclusive access to special events you were planning to attend. These actions help the reader stay engaged and interested in your content, thus driving more traffic to your website.

One of the most helpful things anyone can do is to listen to their fans and see what questions they have about the content they share so that you can expand on it or maybe even alter it slightly to better suit your audiences. This will allow you to reach out to your targeted demographics and ensure you’re reaching people. Additionally, listening to your audience and responding in a timely manner helps ensure brand awareness and strengthens your relationship with them.

Finally, while keeping your visitors engaged, be sure that they keep coming back to visit your website – no, we’re not saying you should bombard them constantly, but try visiting them a little bit every now and then. People love surprises and don’t just return to a static space unless they have something valuable to say.

Finally, keep your viewers interested by offering intriguing promotions (for instance, giveaway items or discounts). That is going to increase your following and help attract new people to your page. As mentioned previously, your audience can be divided into three main categories:

Subscribers – This includes anyone who visits your website and engages with your content.

– This includes anyone who visits your website and engages with your content. Niche audience – This is a group of potential customers who may be interested in learning about your specific topic, but don’t necessarily subscribe to your regular publication.

– This is a group of potential customers who may be interested in learning about your specific topic, but don’t necessarily subscribe to your regular publication. Global audience – This includes people across the globe that may be interested in your content and may not have subscribed to your website yet.

By optimizing your content for each category, you are bound to see a significant increase in your visibility among the right demographic. Now that you understand what type of content your target market likes, try to cater your messages accordingly. What does my niche audience want?

What do they need right now? Who exactly are my competitors and what should I do to beat them? Are my competitors currently focusing on similar niches that mine does not yet? Does this niche require too much effort to succeed or are the efforts already there?

Once you have figured out what your audience wants and where they can find this information, create a list of ideas to address their problems and solve their pain points. Use actionable steps to guide your editorial decisions and ensure that you never present facts with no context. Be careful not to show off your expertise and knowledge, but instead explain why you believe the step you propose will work.

Showing that you know what you are talking about is essential. Think carefully and thoroughly before sending out any invitations to participate in polls or giveaways. Because many people are wary of letting people know they have participated in a poll, some prefer to opt in by email or text message rather than send it straight to them.

Be careful to avoid posting anything you wouldn’t advise your friends or family members to share. Lastly, be mindful of your tone, grammar, and spelling when entering the contest. Consider offering incentives, such as freebies or monetary rewards for hitting certain goals.

Those who win have an unlimited opportunity to submit the prize as a bonus or even receive another chance to win via mail because chances are pretty good you will hear from someone soon. At the end of it all, if your engagement rate is below 50%, that means you need to focus your attention on improving your content strategy in order to improve your likelihood of success.

2. Promote Other Websites Through Link Sharing Tools Like Pinterest

If you are looking to grow your social network, it is a great idea to start a Patreon account to spread word of mouth to other bloggers and website owners who are interested in your topics or simply want your company’s support. After discovering the benefits of this tool, please don’t forget to mention it in any future videos.

Another option for generating revenue directly is by becoming a Brand Ambassador on Twitter or Instagram. Being a part of a larger community allows people to follow you, and once you hit certain follower thresholds, they can request that you speak at their own conferences or events.

While this can be profitable for brands as well, you have to set boundaries with your clients because this can become annoying to them when they realize that you are speaking to multiple people simultaneously. Before signing up to do this, ask yourself if you can handle it, and if possible, find someone whose interests align with yours so that you can maintain a professional demeanor.

3. Become An Authority Figure On Twitch And Monetize It

Twitch is a popular Twitch streamer platform that boasts itself as the largest gaming livestreaming streaming service in the world.

Although Twitch is somewhat controversial due to its association with violent content, you can actually monetize your popularity on the platform and turn this lucrative venture into a full-time job. There are a few ways to do this, including allowing viewers to buy gear used from your content, supporting you financially, getting sponsors



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