It’s not a philosophy that no one understands. It’s a simple thing and everybody knows in today’s generation. If you are happy, you will be healthier than a sick person. If you want to stay happy then you have to think positively. Optimistic people are good in health because they don’t take stress and tension, they don’t think too much, they are happy with what they have and they don’t be pessimistic about their life.

Optimistic people are self-motivated people, they never demotivate anyone but are themselves positive thinkers and suggest staying positive. They never gave up in their lives, but they rejoiced and were satisfied with what they had, and gave thanks to Allah many times.

It doesn’t mean that people who are optimistic will never experience any setback or face any problem in life. It’s just that they choose to accept the situation and look at things in a positive way.

On the other hand, optimistic people are totally opposite. They are always in a happy mood, and they look at everything as opportunities rather than problems. So that’s why they are healthier than pessimistic people.

Because if they get tension, they will get sick and go towards despair. They are happy and satisfied with their lives and faces all difficulties while smiling. If they solve their problems with a smile and happiness, they will never go into despair.

Even if they do lead to disappointment, they will not be pessimistic. And if they are satisfied with their life along with positive thinking then they will be called optimistic people. Everyone knows that you can never solve a problem by being frustrated and it means that you have given up. So be like an optimistic not a pessimistic, because optimistic peoples are more successful in life.

If optimistic people are in fail in life, they never are disappointed they took it as an experience or learnt it and become ideals for others.



 It’s an important question that how we prone to pessimistic? So, the answer is that such people never face problems, they are defeated in their minds before they even make the move and they worry things might not work out.

So, they created a negative mind and such people can’t do anything in their life because they already give up and they spread negativity and they can be a little bit dangerous, because when nothing happens to them then they start to get jealous and nudging at others, and if someone thought of doing something good, they would decide to do something bad and create problems. Such peoples are a little bit strange because they maintain their status quo and they don’t dare to go out of their comfort zone.

We shouldn’t be like this we should learn to be self-motivated and look at all things from the positive side and tell ourselves that we can do anything whatever we want is possible. 



Yes, it’s true that optimistic people live longer than pessimistic because if they are happy, smiling and satisfied with their lives and take no worries and stressed, they will not be ill, and most people get sick from taking stress. And diseases make slowly eradicating humans. Then they don’t live longer. 

 A smiling person is always safe from illness and such people may find it easier to control emotions and so be protected from the effects of stress. So, if we want to stay out of stress then we have to become optimistic and should stay away from negativity. If we stumble across problems, we don’t feel bad because we are satisfied with it that we have rather than feeling not enough for things that we don’t have.

So, if you want to be someone who is optimistic then you should stay away from the negativity and take the company of someone who motivates you and smile more even if you are not actually happy, the act of smiling can make you feel better. So, if you want to live longer and become optimistic then nothing should be impossible for you, or don’t give up.



To avoid pessimistic then you should follow these……

  • Don’t easily give up.
  • Don’t expect that if you will do anything the result will bad.
  • Stay away from negativity.
  • Don’t be selfish.
  • Don’t make difficulties for others.
  • Don’t take stress.
  • Find a person who will motivate you and you feel better.
  • Don’t sit in a gathering of negative people.
  • If there’s a problem arises, don’t worry, try to find a solution.
  • Everything is possible for you. 
  • Trust yourself and ignore the negative things of others.
  • Always think positive.
  • Get rid of all negative peoples.
  • Don’t listen to naysayers.
  • Take the everything from a positive point of view.
  • Always smile because it can reduce the intensity of your body’s stress



There’s a lot of benefit to being optimistic. We should be like such people who are optimistic because they teach us that we should not frustrate by failure. And Optimists are physically healthy because they don’t take tension and face and solve problems happily and satisfied with what they have. Such peoples live longer.

They have a positive mood and always think positively. Optimists are more likely to try towards their goals, they always create a positive attitude and allow you to develop a habit for thanks and teach us what we have we should satisfy with it. 

It’s not easy, but hard work will help you be optimistic about negativity so change yourself and stay away from negativity, and intentionally think positive thoughts. Keep your mind in the present as much as possible. Avoid spending too much time thinking that you can’t do anything or if you will do it will bad. With this, you can become an optimistic person. From this, you might become the healthiest, happiest, and most popular, too!!

There is also said in the Holy Quran about optimism…

“Despair not of relief from Allah. Indeed, no one despairs of relief from Allah except the disbelieving people.”

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