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As a financial advisor and consultant, I have a keen interest in what individuals can do to insure their own interests. This involves an assessment of their needs as well as personal circumstances and insurance premiums to provide for their future needs.

SBLI USA Life Insurance Company provides life insurance policies for families, businesses and individual owners or business associates. The company has been helping people plan in the U.S. since 1956. Today, my services include managing your family’s retirement options, protection from unforeseen medical expenses including those such as cancer and heart disease.

For more information about our plans, you may call us on 1-800 657 4157 or visit us at www.sblis.usa. We are also available by phone or email at [email protected].

Here are some ways in which we can help you choose the best type of insurance policy for your needs:

Planning Options

SBLI USAs offers health care coverage and prescription drug coverage. These products are suitable for senior citizens who get sick easily and would like the flexibility they can enjoy with fewer prescriptions. While most seniors wish to be able to control how much medicine they take to avoid side effects, some patients need some additional medication to manage chronic issues like high blood pressure or diabetes.

If this is the case SBLI USAs can provide affordable protection against any unexpected costs related to hospitalization or doctor visits that could prevent these types of situations. However, having several health and medical procedures is likely a disadvantage over other health insurance policies. Here’s why:

No pre-negotiations: Unlike many health insurance providers offering benefits, no pre-negotiations or meetings are needed. And because most companies don’t negotiate prices, SBLI USAs provide you only with the premium amount you pay each month. It is hard for customers to say no if they see that price tag. So for the same health condition, they are paying the same amount of money (not pre-negotiated) but a different health condition with different benefits.

Also, many health insurance firms do not have the benefit known as “no cost sharing.” In other words, SBLI USAs will cover every aspect of the treatment, whether it’s out of pocket or out of network which makes the total cost lower than buying the coverage directly from a primary care physician. There are no hidden fees so no worry about the bills coming due. With SBLI USAs this becomes a very easy decision, you just select and pay each monthly premium without feeling overwhelmed or confused by all the details.

Access to specialty doctors: Since our doctors receive special training that allows them to treat specific needs, we can address specific medical conditions you might face while providing insurance coverage. For example, you can choose a cardiologist to have your medical bill covered over a period of time. They also take into consideration risk factors in patients before they decide if the treatment is appropriate for them.

Thus, you can choose a cardiology specialist in Nashville Tennessee and see what services we offer and what doctors we can access, to address your medical needs. But while getting treatment from a Cardiologist requires extra visits and tests, a Primary Care Physician (PCP) does not. You have full access to both the PCP and a cardiologist while choosing a PCP, there are no restrictions.

Choosing a Plan: When you choose SBLI USAs, you are getting a one-of-a-kind coverage. That means you get the opportunity to choose the best possible plan based on the medical and lifestyle needs of your own family. You can choose between multiple plans for the whole family and even compare them, and decide for yourself what is best for you. SBLI USAs make sure that you always know exactly where your money goes and that you can protect your assets while being able to access excellent health care during your old age.



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