Top 10 Health Insurance Company in World

Most of the people in the World live in a family, where each one has to contribute 2-3 Lakhs a year to fund his son’s college education and medical insurance premium is not optional as most of them live on their income. A lot of people opt for HMO plans like Wellcare which costs only 2-3 Lakhs a year and they pay just 20% to the company.

HMO plans do have some drawbacks and there are many advantages too as far as the health care cost is concerned.

The main advantage is that such plans can be managed easily by an insured person. While another advantage of such plans is that these plans offer better coverage and higher accessibility because everyone has access to a doctor in case of any serious illness or accident. This is much more accessible than a network of doctors. However, it must be noted that HMO plans are effective in providing adequate cover to patients with severe ailments patients who require emergency treatment. (The average yearly household income varies between 10,000 to 15,000 Indian Rupees)

To list out the topmost ten companies offering various kinds of health Care Plans.

Wellcare Wellcare, (Wellcare Holdings Ltd.), was founded in 1998 as Lifecare International Pte. Ltd (“Lifecare”) as life benefits and welfare schemes for its employees and members. The company offers three medical insurances namely; Medicare, Medicaid, and Long Term Coverage plans to cover 75%, 50%, and 30% respectively. LifeCare employs about 700 full-time staff across eight offices across Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and South Korea and currently serves over 1 million members with membership benefits of RM15,000 – RM20,000 per annum, including a free consultation with a physician for those under 35 years old. Apart from insurance, Wellcare provides disability and wellness programs, healthcare insurance, and dental, vision, and hearing protection. It also provides mental well-being support and other social services.

Coinsurance Co. Ltd., Coinsurance B.V. Coinsurance A.S., is a public limited company incorporated under the Companies Act 2013 (C.A. No. 65 of 2013), registered with the Registrar of Companies of Singapore, and listed at the Stock Exchange of India Limited, Bombay Stock Exchange Ltd. and National Stock Exchange of India Ltd.

Coinsurance B.V. (Bharat Prerna Holding Private Limited) is the leading provider of employer-sponsored comprehensive Health Insurance plans with a total market share of 80% in India. Its primary focus is providing a world-class Healthcare experience to its customers. They do this by managing a healthy workplace environment, making sure employees get the right care and support, and building employee confidence and trust.

They provide employers with two types of Plans — Medicare and long-term coverage plans. Both Medicare and long-term plans give employees choices for several premium rates depending upon the plan chosen. With the increasing popularity of Telemedicine, WellCare offers virtual consultations on 24/7 medical assistance and WellCare’s digital platform helps employers identify their employees.

They aim to improve the quality and effectiveness of medical attention across all levels at workplaces.

WellCare Medical Plan covers a wide spectrum of chronic and acute illnesses and injuries that affect our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Providing coverage for millions of working men and women, working women and children in India. Our plans have an optional telehealth option to help you manage your medical needs from home when medical care is required, helping save lives without leaving your home or your office!

WellCare Maintainers

WellCare maintains its core values of dignity, respect, and privacy. Its policies support inclusive and equitable practices of employment while promoting diversity and inclusion. In addition to being a global leader among employers, WellCare is committed to improving the way people live and work by investing in innovation, research, and training.

WellCare Humanitarian Programs

WellCare Humanitarian Program has partnered with different charitable organizations across India and works closely with government agencies along with nonprofit entities to provide innovative solutions for persons with certain diseases like HIV/AIDS, diabetes, cancer and so many others.

Paid for By Health & Allied Insurance Scheme, Prudential plc., is a joint venture between UK’s pension scheme and Japan’s Mitsui Sumitomo Corporation Ltd. Started in 1891, the scheme has grown to become an extremely profitable business. In 2004, Prudential expanded into Australia, Canada, and New Zealand, enabling individuals to earn money from lending their savings. As of June 2022, Prudential had over 11,500 members, providing support for 5.8 million people. For details visit www.prudential.com/

Affordable Insurance Group of India Private Limited is a subsidiary of SBI Cards, India’s largest private credit card issuer. A joint venture between India’s first domestic rating agency, ICICI Securities, and international rating firm Standard & Poor Financial Services PLC. On November 19, 2017, Affordable Insurance Group acquired Bank Card of India Ltd., increasing overall ownership to 99.7%.

It now boasts of a strong brand portfolio and over a hundred thousand customers across regions. Please contact Affordable Insurance Group at +91 899241612 or email us at [email protected] for more information.

HDFC Credentials Limited, HDFC Credit and Debit Cards, and Other Banking Products and Services is one of the major banking firms in India with branches spread across India. Established in 1919, HDFC Credentials provides unsecured personal loans at an affordable interest rate to individuals and large corporate clients to boost economic growth, enhance cash flow and encourage self-employment.

From its humble beginnings as the ‘Debt Club’ of Calcutta(now Delhi) from 1921-1927 and continued success till 1991, HDFC started attracting consumers through new products like Personal Loan Service, Cash Credit Account, Depositary Account, etc.

HDFC Capital is India’s premier financial advisory firm specializing in debt advice, equity investments, capital markets investment advice, and corporate finance across sectors like consumer, retail, real estate, and media. HDFC Capital has been ranked amongst FTSE 250 companies with a strong track record in advising clients on turnaround strategies, mergers & acquisitions, and capital raising. Visit hdfccapital.com to know more.

HDFC Financial Services Private Limited

HDFC Financial: An initiative of HDFC Insurance Ltd, one of the prominent providers of both standalone & general insurance products across India. Being part of the HDFC group is the umbrella organization of various individual insurers like HDFC Life Insurance Company Limited (HDFC). It provides retirement, provident, and short-term personal loans in various forms like an installment loan, line of credit, and SME.

HDFC Securities: Being a wholly-owned subsidiary of HDFC bank plc. HDFC Securities is headed by Mr. Rajiv Kapoor Khate and Ms. Ruchira Pandher. Under the leadership of Dr. Rajiv Kapoor and Dr. Ruchira Sabhi, HDFC Securities believes in delivering high-quality products and exceptional service to clients with an emphasis on technology-driven efficiency.

HDFC Security is the exclusive advisor for HDFC securities in India and operates independently in other parts of Asia, the United States of America, Europe & Central Africa (South Africa, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe).

HDFC Wealth Management Pvt Ltd.: Founded in 2008 by Mrs. Ruchika Pandher(Mrs. Ram Kapoor & Ruchira Singh Kate). HDFC Wealth management is an independent wealth planning program in India and seeks to help investors achieve financial freedom to pursue their dreams with a simple online approach. At HDFC Wealth we empower every investor with the tools, resources, and knowledge necessary to take control of their finances and build a secure future.

HDFC Wealth Advisors Ltd.: Headquartered In Bangalore, HDFC Wealth Advisors Ltd. is a professional advisory service provider to make sure your financial well-being by bringing you the best possible advice for your unique situation and goals.

We believe in giving you a complete look at what may need to be done to improve your current position to ultimately create clarity around the options available to you.

HDFC Money: Also known as ‘HDFC Pay’ is the official payment system of HDFC Bank Plc.

HDFC Mobile: One of the fastest-growing mobile payments service providers in India.

HDFC Pay: The easiest way to spend your money online in India, especially for small transactions.

HD Direct Payments Ltd.: Being a joint venture between HSBC Holdings Plc. and HDFC Direct Payments Ltd. To ensure quick and hassle-free service delivery, the two parties partnered up to form a fully-fledged integrated banking partnership with a common purpose & culture.

Now, HDFi Direct Payments Ltd. can deliver seamless internet banking services and mobile wallet-based payments services to customers in more than 200 cities in India and more than 100 countries on 4 continents.

Financial Express Network: Also Known as Financial Express Network. The entire range of financial products provided under the ambit of FNE is focused on serving the everyday people and businesses across the country and will serve the financial needs of 7.5 crore customers across the country.

HDFC Digital: Focused on the provision of e-in-credit funding solutions, HDFC Digital is India’s foremost Panchayati financial portal built using open source technologies.

HFC Financial Services: Helps meet the financial aspirations of the Indian people through the combined efforts of five banks.

HDFC Investment Conclave & Institutional Investors Association: The entity was launched in 2006 by HDFC Capital Holdings Pvt Ltd., HDFC Asset Management, and HDFC Wealth Advisors Ltd. HFC Assets manages the majority stake shares of HDFC Fund Management. Currently, HFC AM manages approximately 12.5 billion dollars of assets of HDFC funds, of which approx.1



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