What to eat (and to avoid) after a colonoscopy?

Why to go for colonoscopy?

Why to go for colonoscopy?

Colon is the terminal part of large intestine of our digestive system which plays an essential role in the absorption of nutrients from the digested food. The rest of the food waste is passed out of the body via anus after temporarily storing into rectum. Given the above functions, colon is vulnerable to bacterial and carcinogenic agents. Therefore, it must be subjected to colonoscopy (essentially in people above age 50) for the diagnosis of colorectal cancer.

What colonoscopy exactly is?

Colonoscopy is a thorough examination of colon for cancer or any infection. During colonoscopy a tube, with a torch and camera at its interior end, is inserted in the colon via anus. By doing so, any kind of abnormality (polyps) in colon can be seen on the display screen. Colonoscopy may prove to be somewhat irritating if not painful.

What colonoscopy exactly is?

What to eat after colonoscopy?

Your doctor will recommend what you need to eat and drink but there are some common things to consume and avoid after colonoscopy. It is best to consume food which is gentle to your digestive system.

1. Food you should consume post colonoscopy

i. Drink more water and fluids

Prep for colonoscopy drains you of all your body fluids. But if dehydration continues after colonoscopy, it will have a much worse impact on recovery. Therefore, it is recommended to drink a lot of water, juices, herbal tea and electrolyte drinks for speedy recovery.

Drink more water and fluids

ii. Eat food with low residue

While you have been through a potentially lifesaving health practice, you must be gentle to your digestive system. To do so, avoid food with high fiber content. Doctors suggest low residue food for it will be easy to digest and will not produce much stool. These foods include banana, mashed potato, scrambled egg, pudding, applesauce, rice and toast.

Eat food with low residue

iii. Consume chicken and vegetable soup

Chicken broth and (chicken and vegetable) soup are rich in nutrients required for healing. These foods are easily digestible and don’t make your stomach put extra effort in digestion. You should include these in your diet post colonoscopy. It must be noted that any ‘hard to digest’ meat is strictly prohibited.

Consume chicken and vegetable soup

2. Foods that you should avoid post Colonoscopy

i. Avoid greasy and fried food

Your body has just been through a lifesaving colonoscopy and it would be disastrous for your digestive system to munch on stuffed burgers and fried food. Do some favor to it for a day or two by avoiding oily and greasy food.

Avoid greasy and fried food

ii. Don’t consume carbonated drinks

Colonoscopy in itself is a painful practice for your colon is blown with gas to make things more clear and conceivable for screening. After colonoscopy, gas present in carbonated drinks can also cause sheer discomfort in body so you should avoid them in days after procedure.

Don’t consume carbonated drinks

iii. Avoid alcoholic beverages

You may feel sleepy after colonoscopy because of the sedative drugs used to sedate you in the process. Avoid having alcohol and alcoholic beverages until sedatives are completely out of your body otherwise they may react dangerously to alcohol.

Avoid alcoholic beverages

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