What type of jobs are in demand 2022

1,500 jobs a year are being created globally and in 2020 alone the worldwide labor market was estimated to be worth $3.7 trillion. According to CNBC.com, this estimate is expected to increase to around $4 trillion by 2023. This is because there are more people employed than in 2018. Thus this means that more people have been hired. As we all know that it is not only about having money but also skills, attitudes, and knowledge too.

And so many of these people who left their jobs due to various reasons like they lost their passion, they want something new challenge, to make changes, or they want to change places. As the time passes by, technology has become one of most important factor for all of us. Because with it, some things can be done at home that can save a considerable amount of time or energy. Let’s talk about job availability, and more specifically it is in demand!

The data below shows that there is an increasing trend in jobs to take over workers, especially in emerging countries who were previously unorganized and developing nations where a lot of people lost their jobs. Due to lack of proper job opportunities, the future workforce requires specific skills, such as technological and analytical skills. Such jobs cannot go unemployed at any point. Technology becomes increasingly valuable for everyone. It gives room for creativity and invention in almost every field.

The majority of human beings have access to technology and thus becoming part of society becomes easier to accomplish, since people are working together. Technology becomes one of our best friends, as it enables us to do work from home without worrying about getting paid. For example, online education is available for everyone too, as people all over this world. We can easily learn and get information by just sitting at your home and making use of internet.

2,000 to 3,000 jobs are being created worldwide annually in 2021. With 2,500 employees worldwide, around $3.6 trillion is a huge number. Around this many companies and establishments are hiring workers, but not everyone has a perfect job. Some employers prefer hard-working individuals, while others prefer easy-going and social people. These two groups create problems.

First, each group needs different kinds of expertise. A person from India need different kind of technical skills as compared to other countries like US. Second, it takes time to train someone on these fields. So that person will have to take a career path and pursue that career. People cannot spend long time learning and acquiring new skills. They need experience. Companies want people who can adapt quickly to changing the environment and changing situations.

While many people are searching for jobs, there are still plenty of vacancies in the job market. But what is the global unemployment rate? Here comes that answer! There are around 7.8 million people who lost jobs in 2020 due to COVID-19. Moreover, according to CNN, out of 500,000 people, those who lost their jobs were 4,100 people. While the average age of those who got fired was 29 years old, the youngest employee was 45 years old, the oldest employee 62 years old. Those who are young and stay within the city and those who have less income are finding it difficult. Many young immigrants in cities find difficulty in adjusting to the modern life and culture. Others face issues related to finding jobs and living in big houses. The unemployment rate that is currently standing at 9.2% is very high for young population than adults.

The problem continues and there is no solution. Not only unemployed, but job seekers or candidates can also be struggling in gaining employment. At times, it gets tough with finding jobs that match applicants and jobs that do not fit into applicant’s requirements. However, you can search for suitable jobs in both categories. That is why it is essential for individuals.

Job seekers should look for options and apply to them in order to gain entry into jobs. Once you find a job, it’ll give you an overview about the company, its policies, and so on. You will see your progress and growth will be mentioned. If you start applying and applying for jobs, you shall know that the job search process is not easy. Hence you have to show passion for the jobs in which you are looking for.

To find jobs in any occupation, we also need to understand that the global job map is updated regularly and you can refer to different resources online. On the job search engines like Google and Yandex, there is always a list of jobs for which you must have some skill set. Even we have a list of jobs that is written in different languages so you can pick according to language. To help people find jobs that are appropriate, here are three key points that are helpful to consider in choosing the right job:

Dedication – The reason behind this is to motivate yourself. One thing that makes you want to do something else is to be motivated by doing it. If you don’t enjoy doing anything, then why bother to do it? Being positive that doesn’t mean anything if you aren’t proud of your actions. Believe me, even I didn’t feel motivated after choosing sports as my hobby as I want to play golf. Your personal interests make you choose certain careers or courses and those things will pay your income.

Also taking up hobbies also make you happy, it helps you gain focus and discipline. So if you want to succeed in the career, you need to keep your interest intact and continue learning those courses which can give your success. No matter how small your ambitions might be, to achieve them you require dedication.

Creativity – Creativity doesn’t only describe the physical aspect like craftsmanship and imagination. To become creative, one needs to think creatively and express ideas that can come true. Creative thinking is the ultimate method to solve problems. When you’ve finished a course and want to move forward, you should think creatively to see the next steps. You can explore multiple avenues by identifying the unexplored ones first before moving forward. Do not let negative thoughts lead you down. Use positive energy and look forward to change.

By expressing your creative side, you can explore a wide range of areas and become better. Try to write something you would like to write about, or to draw something that is interesting and exciting. Remember: people around you will try to discourage you if you’re always complaining or getting frustrated. Always remember that when someone tells you to quit your job, it is because nobody likes to quit his job. Never ever ask for any permission. Instead, ask for understanding. Give yourself permission, and never say sorry if you lose out on your dreams.


We all have heard about automation which is going to put the human labour job in jeopardy. Automation has started creating new jobs in the past few decades. Nowadays, even robots are taking over as well. Humanoid robots are playing games, driving cars, doing deliveries, and even cleaning house! All of this work is made possible if it is well designed for humans. We should make sure that those whom we employ as we hire them are skilled and they are passionate about their job. Their motivation, enthusiasm, and energy would surely help them to perform well.



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