Which job is best in future

There are a plethora of jobs in the world. A lot of different aspects to take into account when choosing your dream job: location, salary, skills, and more.

To answer that question, let’s go back to history. The industrial revolution changed society forever in bringing out new opportunities for people, especially women.

More jobs than ever were created during this time period. However not all the jobs in such fields as medicine, teaching, architecture, and defense became obsolete.

The change of perception towards what a job should be is still felt in today’s market. So, why do some people look for certain types of jobs? For example, it varies between countries.

Some people work with specific kinds of job for various reasons. This can range from prestige to money. And depending on our country to get a high-paying job. But if we talk about the field of business, there are always a number of jobs you can find in any country.

If you live somewhere like Australia, then you need to get an accountant job just to understand how numbers work in your economy. An account executive will tell you exactly how much you can expect to earn from them.

Even though it may seem like there are so many options to choose from, there is only one right job for each individual. There are many factors that come together when looking for your ideal career, but here are a few of those key things.


If we look at luxury products from companies like Louis Vuitton or Prada, they both have a very prominent presence. These brands make sure their customers get a taste of what life is like through these items.

They are worth millions, so it makes sense for a prestigious company to hire people who can have access to this level of brand. You want to try luxury goods, it will surely put a significant amount of pressure on your shoulders. Of course, that is an expensive lifestyle.

When looking for a job, we’ll see how much you’ll be making, but would you rather be earning $100,000 or $50,000? It seems like every wealthy person in the world was once the owner of a car.

Even though it doesn’t look good compared to most normal people’s lifestyles, they are still happy doing that because it makes them feel important. Nowadays, you don’t need a celebrity or billionaire status.

As long as you can meet basic requirements like having a stable income and a roof over your head, you can work as an accountant for a French bank. Just don’t be arrogant like Tom Cruise does with his roles in movies. He might be successful but it feels like he doesn’t deserve the role of an accountant.

People think their jobs are theirs. At least someone in your office will know that this position isn’t yours. Don’t lie to your superiors. Do whatever you need to do, even if it means you are working overtime. No matter where you’re going, you don’t want them to know that you haven’t worked. That will make you unreliable.


Doing taxes and other stuff you have to have done and paying off student loans can be very expensive. As a professional accountant, you need to keep everything organized because there is always lots of paperwork involved.

Therefore, you don’t want to waste money on unnecessary stuff. Maybe, there is no way out without spending everything you make. As long as you aren’t too rich, you will be able to pay off loans or rent, which allows you to live somewhere else.

With that said, I always advise against working with low salaries just to avoid paying rent. Unless you are struggling, a 10 to 12 hour work day will help you save some money. Sometimes salaries can drop, so it is better to start small and gain experience, so you can move up if you want.


Let say you have a background in finance but lack the expertise of an accounting manager. What is worse than being paid less than you make? Nothing! The same goes with your skillset. If you don’t have the proper knowledge, you have to start from scratch.

Not everyone can manage complex projects because they lack technical know how. We also all have a skill set like marketing, coding, and data analysis. If you don’t have any of the aforementioned, you have probably been rejected from university if you weren’t prepared enough. So, in general, you should have strong knowledge of the particular field you may be interested in.

Don’t just pick up any random ‘skills’ you hear in the streets. While trying to learn the basics of computer science, if you’re not comfortable with the process, you can consider finding another option.

There is plenty of information on websites like Youtube just searching keywords like “data analysts” or “data scientists”. There are many places to explore that will show you how it works. Another tip is to take online exams before looking for a job.

A degree or a diploma can show you that your aptitude is relevant to the industry. Also, take some extra classes that you might not take because they will push you to improve. Take this as practice. Be open to learning more and more, and it will eventually help you land a job.

Job Description

Job description describes your responsibilities and the amount of work that you’re required to accomplish within that timeframe. Are you expected to have four years of experience or six years of training to complete the duties?

This information also shows you what skills you must possess. According to your job descriptions, your tasks will be different depending on the kind of company you’re hired to work for, but that doesn’t mean that every company has a strict system. However, you will probably have similar expectations for your colleagues.

What Skills Do You Need?

As mentioned above, if you have a bit more experience, you might get a wider list of benefits but you don’t necessarily have to be skilled in something. Most of us only need to have a minimum of two things in order to excel in our chosen workplace.

Whether it be writing reports or managing clients. Although not everyone has to have great knowledge of what we know, we definitely should be equipped enough to handle ourselves and our coworkers. So, the ability to solve problems and work well with others is usually valued among the top demands.

The key to success in being a top accountant is being self-motivated, and being willing to adapt to all situations. Being enthusiastic is what helps you achieve a higher productivity. Being determined makes you ready for anything you can get your hands on, whether that’s food or cars.

After all, you’ve got to go back to school and study hard. Having the skill sets to succeed in life and be a part of the highest levels of the hierarchy requires your undivided attention.

You’ve got to go back and forth through classwork to build an understanding of the material and be ready to master the subject. As for the future career as an accountant, you’re not expecting any miracles.

All you want is to grow and reach more. By reading books, practicing by yourself, watching documentaries, and creating models, you’ll be capable of becoming a proficient manager.

Moreover, many professionals in a big firm are getting promoted because they’ve shown their willingness to develop. That means to be confident with your new role will ensure you’ll be successful. Besides, by developing yourself, you might also grow into a bigger company.



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